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The world's first training aid that strengthens exactly those muscles that will dramatically improve your technique. Change yourself, your game and team results!

The little things decide the victory. And the winners are writing history.

Saliball was designed based on many years of experience of the world's best players, analysis of their private training processes and then many years of tuning specific properties from the surface, through the design, to the material from which it is made.

It may be as small as any other floorball ball, but if you want, it will be the cornerstone of your transformation as a player from head to toe, because you will feel the change to exactly the extent.

Motivation and joy. Our icon.

Saliball can be the beginning of your change not only as a player, but also as a person. Each of those who took part in the development put a piece of it into it, and this caused these 72 millimeters of concentrated drone to embody the winner's mentality. You have to want him to help you.

Be obsessed with positive change. Work on yourself - we are here to help you and all the exercises we advise you are inspired by those who make the biggest floorball stars in the world with this ball.

Saliball parameters. And you show yours!

72 millimeters in diameter and 265 grams in weight will prepare not only your inimitable and irreplaceable experience for your hands. Not only a special mixture, thanks to which the risk of smudges on the floor of any surface is eliminated and at the same time it guarantees a slip on the surface of the stick, identical to an ordinary floorball ball.

Design technical details were also considered, such as depressions fulfilling the function of increased resistance without affecting other physical aspects of the ball. And why the gray color? It symbolizes hardness not only physical but also mental. Be hard on yourself, don't get out of your way. The results are coming!

How to traing with Saliball? Pavel Brus and his floorball exercises.

Saliball Saliball Saliball Saliball Saliball Saliball Saliball Saliball


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