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Floorball stick tip by Roman - Zone Hyper Composite F27!

As the first of our team, Roman had the task of selecting one floorball stick from the current offer and writing why he decided to do so.

As the first of our team, Roman had the task of selecting one floorball stick from the current offer and writing why he decided to do so.

With every new season comes a lot of floorball sticks with new design or features. Personally I like floorballs with a simple matt design. But it's not just about design, this floorball stick has also convinced me of its features for a broader deal of floorball players or a good price - we are talking about Zone Hyper Composite F27.


27 mm is the "golden middle way" between shaft hardnesses. A player or player weighing between 60-90 kg does not do anything with this hardness. When choosing a shaft, it's important to choose the right hardness to get your floorball stick ideal and take advantage of its features for stunning and accurate shooting. Shaft is not too hard or soft, so it's very likely that hardness will suit a wide audience of floorball players who are interested in a new floorball stick.

Material of shaft

As the title suggests, the shaft is in this case made of composite. What does it mean? The composite is a mixture of carbon and fiberglass - that the floorball stick is harder than the carbon weight, but it should keep more "strikes" by the opponent's stick. :-)

Floorball sticks of the composite usually have a weight in the range of 220-250 g, my favorite is 235 g in length 96 cm (107 cm with the blade), which is good for anyone who has not built in the microbes in hand, like some "technician". Floorball stick is not one of the easiest but the hardest. But for its favorable price, we can not expect only a carbon shaft.


Floorball stick is available in three lengths - 96, 100 and 104 cm (107, 111 and 115 cm with a blade). For 27 mm hardness, other floorball sticks less than 96 cm were not expected. So, with the length of the floorball stick, we have traditionally set the hardness of the shawt. With no difficulty, your player will choose between 175 cm and 2 meters long. If you do not belong among the higher players, we recommend choosing a junior variant - Zone Hyper Composite F29.


The Zone Opti grip is one of the cheaper grips in the Zone brand, but with its quality it takes a few weeks of training or matches. Opti grip is a perforated grip that suits the sweat from your palms (if you have a problem with your palm, a big brother of Zone, Unihoc, has created a Unihoc Hydro White special grip for you). The only disadvantage can be its white color, which will not be white after the first hours of playing white.


The Queen's blade itself and the biggest addition to this floorball - Zone Hyper in white and medium hardness. The blade with excellent concave forearms will help you with accurate and hard shoots. I emphasize the word to help, the blade does not play alone. :-)


This black and white "elegance" has an official price of 77.90 €. The performance/cost ratio in this case is more than excellent. For reasonable money, buy the bestseller this season.


  • excellent price
  • flex (hardness) 27 mm
  • different lengths available
  • best selling Zone Hyper blade
  • simple design


  • white grip
  • composite material (floorball stick is a bit harder than the Airlight and Superlight models)

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