Floorball advisor

1. Left or right side?

Blades on the floorball sticks are curved into left or right side. The type of curve is based on the hand you hold lower (closer to the blade).

  • LEFT - left hand lower
  • RIGHT - right hand lower

2. What flex to choose?

Choosing the right flex of the shaft will help you get the most out of your stick. When choosing the flex (hardness) a simple rule applies - the higher the strength of the player, the harder the stick. The numbering of the floorball stick flex is counted upwards, ie. low numbers are hard sticks and their hardness decreases with increasing number. A stick with too much hardness (for example, 26 mm) may be hard to bent sufficiently during shooting, which may cause a less powerful shot.

On the contrary, floorball sticks with a low flex (for example, 32 mm) can bend to much during shooting, which can cause inaccurate shots. Our filter will help you pick a stick with the right flex. The flex of the hockey sticks ranges from 23 to 36. The number indicates the number of millimeters, by which the stick bends stick under the force of 300 N (load of 30 kg).


Player weight Stick flex
0 - 50 kg 40 - 32 mm
50 - 60kg 32 - 30 mm
60 - 75 kg 30 - 27 mm
70 - 90 kg 27 - 25 mm
nad 90 kg 25 - 23 mm


3. What length to choose? 

The blade of the floorball stick should touch the ground with the end of the stick on the level with the belly button. The correct length of the stick is very important for shooting and control over the ball. The following table should be taken as a recommendation, it is up to you, what length of stick you are comfortable with. The length of the stick listed here is the length without the blade.  For length with the blade, add about 11 cm.


Height Stick length
110 - 115 cm 50 - 55 cm
120 - 125 cm 60 - 67 cm
130 cm 70 - 77 cm
135 cm 70 - 80 cm
140 - 145 cm 80 - 82 cm
150 cm 85 - 87 cm
155 cm 85 - 90 cm
160 - 165 cm 90 - 92 cm
170 cm 91 - 95 cm
175 cm 95 - 96 cm
180 cm 95 - 98 cm
185 cm 95 - 103 cm
190 cm 100 - 103 cm
> 195 cm 103 - 105 cm


4. What blade stiffness to choose?

Floorball blades are divided into three categories:

Soft blade (SB, S, Soft, Touch)

The ideal choice for technical players who prefer sweeper shots. This kind of blade ensures excellent ball control and easy reception of the ball. We do not recommend frequent slap shots with this kind of blade - the softness of the blade can cause deformation of the tip and inaccurate shots.

Medium blade (MB, PE, M, Endurance, Medium)

The most common blade stiffness. It allows for powerful and accurate shots while retaining excellent ball control. Ideal choice for technical players and those who prefer drag and wrist shots.

Hard blade (HB, PE-H, Bio Power, Hard)

Ideal for those who prefer slap shots. The blade is made of hard material that retains its shape. We do not recommend this blade for technique-focused players - the ball has a tendency to bounce when receiving passes.

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